Stop thinking! It can make you happier, more productive and even healthier!

Once up on a time, way back then when there were no smartphones, no TV, no WiFi and no “Candy Crush Saga” to play on the Metro –

Guess what people used to do with their time? Yes, of course they used to work, sleep and eat obviously, but there was something else. Something they had that we no longer possess. It’s those valuable moments when you don’t sleep, you don’t eat and you don’t work or play – you just… well, you just be.

Those precious moments without any digital or physical distraction of our minds, are so valuable because we get to do what we almost never do – not think.


Think about it for a second –

When do you not think of anything? As soon as you open your eyes, your mind gets distracted with hundreds of thoughts just waiting to creep in and engage you for most of your waking hours, not to mention your sleeping mode…


But why does it even matter? Better be a thinker right?

Well, as much as that’s true, there are a few pretty amazing proven benefits to not thinking, that might surprise you for the better. Take a look –

  1. Less stress
  2. Regulated moods
  3. Improved focus, attention and ability to work under stress
  4. Improved processing and decision making
  5. Mental strength, resilience and emotional intelligence

And that’s just in a nutshell.


So here’s the point –

Our days should be filled with more of those “not thinking” moments. They should be rich in work, play, family time and whatever else we like doing – but we have to devote just a few minutes of every day to give our minds a rest and just leave them be. And for those of us with full schedules (aka all of us…) this is even more crucial.

This ‘letting go’ has become such a rare activity for our millennial generation, that we consider it to be a sheer waste of our time. But we don’t realize it is the opposite that’s true – a few moments every day of “quiet brain time” saves us time in the long run by making us more focused and attentive, and it actually has the ability to make us happier by balancing our moods and reducing stress, anxiety and depression levels (really, it’s been scientifically proven).

So we decided to take it seriously, and use our smart technology to create one more moment of peace of mind for this generation of hard working brains.


Because we think not thinking is a must, not a luxury.

What do you think?

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