Smart Fingerprint Door Lock Technology

Fingerprint door locks have been gaining popularity in the world of security for so many reasons. For one, fingerprints are unique to each person, and they are hard to be duplicated. Fingerprints also cannot be lost or forgotten. Think about it: How often are you on your way out the door and then need to scramble around looking for your misplaced keys? Fingerprints, on the other hand, come with you wherever you go. Finally, fingerprints cannot be stolen. And you’ll never get that kind of guarantee with a set of keys.


Safe Access with Fingerprint Door Locks


Here are the benefits of using fingerprint locks:


Only the master user can add, delete, or manage fingerprint signatures. Access is only permitted via the security code or the master fingerprint.


Fingerprint readers have the capacity to hold up to 20 unique users, allowing for personalized access by the user type, i.e. family members, neighbors, friends, workers, and anyone else you want to allow entry into your home or office.


Using digital fingerprint door locks, you can regulate who is granted access to your home or office and when. If a babysitter is scheduled to arrive every Tuesday at three PM, the system will only allow that fingerprint to unlock the door at the designated time. The same fingerprint “key” will not open the front door lock on Thursday or any other day of the week or time not specified.



Fingerprint door locking systems are more secure, easier, and instantaneous. Discover how easy it is to use this locking mechanism today.