Pet Owners: Here’s Your Door Lock Solution for Dog Walkers

Taking care of pets can be a full-time job of its own. These furry creatures require love, patience, and time, not to mention companionship. Since many pet owners are away from their four-legged friends all day at work or tending to their other responsibilities, dog walkers and pet sitters have become a popular trend as an alternative to leaving these guys on their own for hours on end.


Entry, Not Invitation


While the dog walker solution has alleviated many lonely days for your pups, it brings with it a whole new issue: the security of your home. Giving a dog walker full access to your apartment or house may be a bit more freedom than you feel comfortable affording someone you’ve only just hired or known for a short time. On the other hand, without access, Fido can’t be walked, fed, or played with as needed. What to do?


Access on Your Time Only


The smart solution, of course, is an ENTR digital door lock system. Easy to install without any wiring required, these digital door locks allow you to program different users into the system, giving each one access to your home only at specified times during the day or week.


That dog walker didn’t work out? No problem. You’ll never have to worry about an irate ex-employee popping in unwanted when you have the smart electronic door lock solution installed. Delete and disallow users entry with the tap of a button on your smartphone app, and access is denied instantly.


Rover needs to be walked, but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on your home security. Check out all the ENTR products, and explore your options for safer, smarter home security today.