Oops, Locked Out Again!

Andrew & Megan’s (& Riley’s) Tale of Key-Freedom


Andrew is a software engineer by day, but when he comes home at night, life is all about the three loves of his life: playing sports, his dog Riley, and his girlfriend Megan.
Andrew has a good life, but a few months ago the happy couple was having a problem. Every time Andrew left to play basketball with his friends, he’d forget his keys in his jacket or pants pocket at home. He’d arrive late after an energetic game, tired, sweaty, and ready for a good shower, but Megan would already be asleep. Andrew would have to knock, rousing Riley who would bark until Megan woke up and let Andrew in.


Other days, Megan would take the car to do a few errands, and Andrew would regularly be locked out of the house for hours. Clearly the key problem needed to be solved.It was time to make a change. Andrew heard about ENTR® electronic door locks from a friend who’d used them already and had “Liked” the company on Facebook. Andrew researched the company, learning about the benefits and flaws of keyless door locks online and through social networks. After a lot of thought, Andrew bought an ENTR® smart door lock. Since there wasn’t any wiring, drilling, or headache involved, he installed the entire system himself.


The digital door lock could read his fingerprint, and recognize his keypad code. Now Megan could enter and leave the house without worrying about Andrew’s forgetfulness, and Andrew would never be locked out again.


Andrew’s story is one of many where everyday people are able to enjoy the convenient, easy to use, and worry-free solution that ENTR®’s digital door lock provides.


While the installation is easy enough for you to do on your own, some people prefer to have a locksmith take care of the entire installation.


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