Millennials? We have something to tell you

Turns out gadgets are much more than we thought…
We get a pretty good idea about what the millennial generation wants from their shopping and use habits, from their comments and blogs and from their regular reviews online. After all, you guys are constantly connected to, well, everything, and communicate via every possible platform there is. But what is it you really want, and what do gadgets have anything to do with it? Or more importantly, why should we even care?


Why should we care?
The simple and obvious answer to that question is that your generation will occupy the world’s leading roles, deciding this world’s future, characteristics, and moral agendas. In other words, you 18-36 year olds are soon to be this world’s decision makers. And so it is vital for all of us, including you, to understand what drives you, and, well, what it is that you want.


So what’s your story?
In a nutshell, your story is a story of differentiation, uniqueness, individuality, customization, social bonding, and environmental consciousness. You guys are mostly well-educated, computer oriented and tech savvy, and you experience technology in the most intimate, natural way possible. In a way, technology to you is just like an extension of your own body parts (which by the way, is one of technology’s philosophical definitions).


Cool, but where are you going with this?
The point is, that other than your pursuit of happiness, good health and well-being, you desire something else-

You use wearables to monitor your fitness and health, or virtual reality headsets to manipulate the environment around you. In fact, your entire life is full of sensors and radars to adjust whatever is possible to enrich your every day. And with every new gadget your patience for incompetence or longer performance times – shrinks.

And why should you wait longer for your browser to load or your smart watch to recharge? You don’t want to waste another minute waiting for anything! You, who want everything to be controlled by technology to allow you to live more flexibly, more freely – you, generation Y, are… right.


You’re absolutely right
If there’s one thing you can’t stand it is having your current surroundings confine you, in any way. And so you use technology to enhance your life experiences, to free yourselves from the physical and mental constraints of your environment. That’s brilliant!


And the gadgets?
Rather than simply blending in, you rather leave a mark by making everything personal. Because when everything around you is customized for you, suddenly the world looks more familiar and safe.

That’s why gadgets to you are not only a matter of convenience, or merely a fashion accessory; they are a way for you to personalize your space, and make your surrounding your own. They are your personalization tools to make sense of this life.

We get that, and we think it’s truly inspiring. That’s why we make customizable, smart home safety technologies, because in this world – everything needs to be personal.


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