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ENTR® smart door lock wins an international smart home award


Mul-T-Lock’s ENTR® Smart Door Lock has won a premier product innovation award from global connected home publication, SMAhome. The ENTR® lock was selected from among 28 smart home product finalists to receive the overall Popularity Award for 2017.


SMAhome awards are judged anonymously by a jury of industry insiders, including system integrators and service providers with an established track record in this market.


ENTR®’s affordability, convenience, sustainability and easy integration with leading smart home ecosystems were cited in the SMAhome award announcement. Award winners were announced in a ceremony at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center in Taiwan.


“SMAhome is one of the world’s leading sources of news and knowledge on the fast-evolving smart home technology and product market,” says Ehud Dinerman, Managing Director ENTR® at Mul-T-Lock. “We are extremely proud our ENTR® Smart Door Lock was selected from a 28-strong list of finalists, which included some of the global industry’s best known manufacturers.”


It takes just one screw to fit an ENTR® lock and transform a front door into a smart front door. With ENTR®, homeowners can open their door via app, PIN code, remote control or fingerprint reader.


ENTR® makes domestic key troubles a thing of the past: there’s no longer any need to get a spare set cut for kids, cleaners, carers or temporary workers. A couple of swipes on a smartphone screen is all it takes to share an ENTR® digital key with family or anyone who needs access — and to revoke the key instantly when required. The Mul-T-Lock ENTR® Smart Lock works equally well as a stand-alone solution or connected to a smart home system.








The benefits of the lock of the future


Yair Levy, Mul-T-Lock ENTR® product manager, presented the benefits and Strengths of the lock of the future on an interview to Channel 20 economic TV show.