How you make your days anxiety-free in just a few steps

If you have not experienced anxiety in your life, or if you don’t know what it’s like to have stressful work days, then you are probably not living in the 21st century. Or maybe you’re just practicing Zen on a desolated mountain in Peru. Because feeling anxious has become the “normal” state of our daily existence-

From hectic mornings, through horrendous traffic jams, to result-driven jobs, to ADHD kids, to the chaotic house, to sleepless nights – there’s hardly a quiet moment!


But you want to hear the good news?

Although this is not your fault in any way, you actually have the power to unwind yourself and make your days less stressful, more productive and much, much more peaceful. Our age of anxiety is researched in every possible social behavior faculty around the world by now, and it seems we can control a number of stress-reducing activities in our daily lives with a few simple steps.


So what’s the magic recipe for anxiety-free days? Let’s dive right in-


  1. Identify your stress factors. It might be particular people in your life, certain places or tasks on your to-do list. But once you lay it all out, it’s easier to identify which of these factors are critical in your life and drop those that are causing you stress.
  2. Get away from screens on your leisure time. Put in your schedule screen-free activities, mostly outdoor Your brain, eyes and muscle functions all need a rest.
  3. Eat healthy and exercise. Do we really need to add another word here..? Long gone are the days of senseless grease. The faster you embrace this, the better your body chemistry will make you feel.
  4. Wake up 10 minutes every morning before you need to. Why leave in a rush, why be late? Having an early start makes you feel on top of things, rather than constantly behind. You’ll be surprised how much good a quiet, relaxed cup of coffee and small breakfast can do to the rest of your day.
  5. Learn to single-task. Yes, multi-tasking is today’s sexiest workplace requirement, but you know what? Regardless of what your bosses think, multi-tasking actually makes you complete fewer tasks a day. Seriously, try finishing one task at a time, slowly and carefully, and you’ll see two things happening:
    1. You will be able to get more done
    2. Your sense of accomplishment will induce hormones that will make you feel better.
  6. Unschedule. Leave empty slots in your day to breath, stare at the sky or just walk around in a circle. These moments of doing nothing at all are vital to your optimum brain function because you see, our brains work in circles of creativity, and every once in a while they need a rest.
  7. Simplify your daily tasks. Our to-do list will not just disappear, but we can definitely make it easier. This is where technology comes in, to help us make our basic tasks into no-brainers. Automate your home and work environment so you can focus on the things that really


The power to make your days less stressful lies in simplifying them


Consider this- When you get up in the morning, you can either hit snooze, wake up late, spill the coffee all over your shirt, go to the car to take the kids to school and drive to work, only to find out you left your keys in the house, which is now locked from the outside –

Or you can wake up 10 minutes early, drink your coffee quietly before the kids wake up, and walk to the car knowing the house is locked with a smart lock, the cleaner can come in and out with a touch of her fingerprint, the office door opens with a swipe of your finger, and your day just looks a whole lot better.


It’s the simple things that make the difference- those that leave you free to move around more easily, more calmly, more freely. It might sound surprising, but you are only a few habits away from anxiety-free days. It is a matter of organizing your time, doing everything just a tad slower, simplifying daily tasks, and focusing on what matters.


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