Keeping your home safe – much more to it than a barking dog

Let’s get one thing clear – there is no such thing as keeping your home completely safe from harm. But you can use the very best of what technology has to offer to ensure your family’s safety.

When we talk about keeping our family safe, we think of baby proofing the house, teaching our children how to cross the street or putting them in safety car seats. But family safety is not just about making sure you’re right there to protect them, but ensuring they are safe even when you’re not around. It’s about letting go, and still knowing you’re doing everything you can to keep them from harm’s way.


Luckily, technology allows us to do that. Today, you can limit your family TV to strictly educational content. You can install smoke detectors around the house, and put monitors in the kids’ rooms in case they call you, or just to hear them sleep. And while getting a dog to bark at burglars is a classic deterrent, here too technology proves to be much, much more effective –


Research shows that while over a third of burglaries are conducted through the main door, intruders are less inclined to break in when there seems to be a more sophisticated security system in place. And no, we don’t mean the dog…


The point is, advanced technological home security solutions are just like your average monitor – they’re meant to give you control even when you’re not there. And though putting up security signs, lighting up your landscape and locking your windows is also important, it seems the smartest thing to do is using the best technology available to safeguard your home and keep your family safe.


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