It’s the Little Things that Make our Day

Logistics is not just a side-kick in modern life; it’s everything. One spilled coffee on your clean shirt, your smartphone battery running out just when you need to call in late, or remembering right in the middle of endless traffic that you left your home unlocked – these are not just mundane annoyances. They have a serious impact on the way our day starts and ends, and maybe even on the way we perceive our daily lives.
“Silly Little Worries”
Of course, it could be claimed that these are all silly little worries that only fortunate people get to have. But these “silly worries” are actually constant disruptions to our mood, our communication with others throughout the day, and ultimately, our state of calm and focus.
Just think of the difference between rummaging through your whole house to find that one lost charger, and simply resting your smartphone on your smart bedtime table. Or between crawling on traffic hour to get your grocery shopping done after work, and ordering it online the night before. Or finding parking through an app rather than pulling your hair after 20 minutes. Any of these sound familiar…?
Big-Small Joys
The search for simplicity and convenience through technology is at the heart of every smart appliance developed to make our daily tasks easier. Because at the end of the day, when we’re not busy worrying about traffic, keys, or grocery shopping, we can listen to our kids’ story on the way to school, enjoy that beautiful song on the radio, or actually look at the sunset after a long day’s work.


Smart Technology for Simple Living
ENTR’s smart lock is designed to do just that. Simplifying our access to our homes and offices is meant to keep them secure, even when we forget to. ENTR’s smart lock eliminates the human factor from securing your entrances, and takes one huge worry off your mind.

Here are just a few examples of how ENTR’s smart lock makes your life just a little bit easier every day: you no longer have to worry about locking the door when you go to bed or when you’re already on your way to work thanks to automatic locking. And let’s say your parents decide to drop by and surprise your kids, taking them home from school – they can easily come-in because they have the pin-code. And of course, it’s never a good time for the cleaners to come-by when the kids are around – but with ENTR’s smart look, they can easily come-by when there’s no one home.

When you don’t need to give another thought to locking or opening the door or finding your keys, you’re free to enjoy the other parts of your day and focus on what really matters – the people around you, your work, your hobbies, and your surroundings. And who knows, it may even put a smile on your face.
Designed with simplicity, convenience, and security in mind – this is how our smart lock can make your life easier. Much easier >

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