Get security, convenience
and control in one locking solution.

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Smart Lock Solution

Everything about the ENTR™ is smart.
It’s compatible with any door and scalable to meet your locking needs. You get to decide how to access ENTR™ with a range of smart.

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open the door with a your touch or define and schedule
other visitors

Your Unique Fingerprint

your digital door lock; control access with ENTR’s smartphone app

Smartphone Control

supporting up to 20 personal codes gives you simple, keyless access

Touchpad Access

unlock your door from a distance

Remote Control

Key Free. Be Free 

Easily transform your entrance door with a smart, digital locking solution. Get connected.


Choose your device


ENTR™ gives you extreme convenience,
from installation and through to operation and maintenance.

  • Keyless Control – means never getting locked out again??
  • Complete Customization – freedom to choose how you enter your home-Smartphone App, Fingerprint , Code, Control
  • Rechargeable batteries – for convenience and sustainability

With ENTR™  you decide who enters your home,
when and how.
That’s smart control.

  • Access Control – create and revole ekeys, allowing you to provide access whenever you like
  • Easy Installation – no wiring, no drilling, simply replace the existing cylinder

ENTR™ boosts your security by eliminating the
vulnerabilities that comes with lost or stolen keys.

  • High Security Mul-T-Lock Cylinder – proven protection, patented technology
  • Revokable Access Rights – even when your credentials is lost
  • Backup Key -for family, friends or services that need a key
  • Automatic Locking -trust that your door is locked