ENTR performance
  • What does “automatic locking” mean?

    This means that ENTR™ will automatically and completely lock itself whenever it senses that your door is in the shut or closed position. The automatic locking feature can be turned off at any time by changing its settings.

  • Is ENTR™ easy to operate for everyone in my family?

    Yes. The system is equipped with a user-friendly screen and configuration process. An easy to understand manual, including illustrations, explains everything you and everyone in your family need to know. You’ll also fine operating instructions for ENTR™ accessories such as, the Remote Control and Fingerprint Reader.

  • Can I use a variety of ENTR’s access control devices together?

    Yes. It is possible to use any combination of the access control devices. ENTR™ can be operated with up to 20 different Remote Control units; 20 distinct personal codes on the Touchpad; a Fingerprint Reader that identifies up to 20 users; as well as multiple smartphone app users. Together, separately or any combination.

  • If a remote control is lost, can it be neutralized?

    Yes. You can disable any remote control by simply deleting it in the ENTR™ unit and it takes less than a minute.

  • How often will I need to charge the batteries?

    A fully charged battery will, on average, last approximately three months, depending on family structure and frequency of use. When the battery runs low, it will sound an alarm. alerting you to connect it to the charger (supplied with the original package), or to the optional wireless charger, until fully charged – about four hours.

  • Is it possible to operate ENTR™ while it’s batteries are being charged?

    Yes. ENTR™ will continue to function without interference during charging.

  • Is it possible to operate two or more ENTR™ door units with a single Remote Control?

    No. To ensure security, each Remote Control is specific to each ENTR™ smart lock system and can only operate it’s designated door unit.

  • Can I continue to use a key?

    Yes. The ENTR™ system includes a mechanical key that allows you to unlock your door from the outside and using a door knob from the inside.

  • Is it possible to combine the ENTR™ system with other smart home interfaces?

    Yes. ENTR™ can be connected to additional smart home components, but requires the creation of an interface by your service provider.

  • Can I silence the the open door alarm without closing the door?

    Yes. Simply touch the control panel or the slides on both sides of the indoor unit.