Fitting Your Shared Office Space with Intelligent Locks

Sharing office space can be challenging no matter what your profession, and when it comes to high profile jobs, the situation becomes even more precarious, which is why smart offices equip their spaces with ENTRlock technology. ENTR is the digital door lock and access point solution that keeps every single access request organized and authorized with ease.


When you need the highest level of control over your business areas, there’s no better choice than ENTR. Whether you’re part of a law firm, accounting agency, medical profession, or other important organization, ensuring your space is secure and accessible for the right people at the right time with keyless, digital locks is of utmost importance.


Here are some key features that make ENTR stand out from other more basic electronic locking systems:


– Scheduled entry authorizations

Make sure everyone who needs to enter throughout the day can come and go as they please, and program time-specific entry authorizations for cleaning services, scheduled deliveries, day/night staff, and other visitors.


– Central control

Instead of handling a complicated master key system, giving out keys, and having to replace lost keys, you have the flexibility to control all locks with one central device. Control multiple areas and monitor constantly-changing permissions with ease.


A Complete, Attractive Solution

ENTR’s cutting-edge design instantly upgrades any environment and requires no wiring or drilling when installing so it won’t ruin your pre-existing door hardware.

Get the ultimate in convenience, control, and security with ENTR’s electronic lock system for your shared office space today.
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