What Digital Door Locks Need to Keep Up with the Digital Era

Digital door locks are bringing homes and businesses into the digital era by offering a smooth, smart, and all-inclusive security system for every door and situation. Smart solutions are irrelevant today, though, if they aren’t mobile-accessible. Keeping up with modern technology without compromising security or ease of use is essential, and that’s what a superior electronic door lock system will deliver.


Here are some features that quality electronic door locks must support.


Virtual Keys


Digital door locks work with virtual keys rather than the traditional hardware. This makes them more convenient and safer because the virtual version cannot be lost, stolen, or forgotten somewhere. Think of a virtual key as a digital copy of that traditional key. The permission to enter your home or office is stored digitally and securely on the smartphone app. The lock reads the signals that your phone sends out and determines whether or not you have permission to enter. If you do, the door is unlocked. If you do not, the door remains securely sealed.


Virtual keys are easy to create via the application, and only the administrator of the lock can access, create, and deny these permissions. The administrator can set these virtual keys for time-controlled access or all-access depending on the circumstances.


Bluetooth Capability


While access to an internet connection is prevalent in our society, it’s not ever-present. Therefore, systems that are reliant upon an Internet signal will significantly limit their users. A smart door lock, on the other hand, will work via Bluetooth, so users can access the app even when there is no active network – there’s no downtime and no weak signals to worry about at all. This is extremely useful for all users, and can be invaluable for younger family members who may have limited Internet access.




Security has to be the highest priority for any door lock, and keyless door locks are no exception. In the event that your phone is lost or stolen, the app can be cancelled immediately to prevent issues of unwanted access. Not only that, but all data stored on your phone via the app is encrypted, so even if the phone falls into the wrong hands, the data will remain secure. When you purchase a new one, you can easily transfer your administrations permissions to the new device using the initial code that the original account was made with.


Step into the mobile-connected era with a smart and sustainable electronic door lock solution. Find out more when you speak to a locksmith in your area today.