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At the core of your smart lock, ENTR® transforms the entrance to your home, working seamlessly with the accessories of your choice.

  • Smartphone App

    Let your smartphone be your key

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    With a simple swipe, you’ll be able to control and manage access to your home.  Download the App.


    • Control over access to your home
    • Lock and unlocks your door with a click
    • Create and revoke eKeys
    • Complete solution management:  auto / manual locking, settings, low-battery warning and more
    • Automatically updates software
  • Finger Print Reader

    There's no duplicating your fingerprint

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    No one can copy or steal it. It’s unique, it’s your fingerprint and now you can use it as the safest key there is with ENTR®’s Fingerprint Reader.

    • Supports up to 20 users’ fingerprints or personal codes
    • Allows you to control entry via time frame authorizations
    • Easy to install simple to program using the OLED screen
    • Battery indicator lets you know when its low
  • Touchpad Reader

    Access with your personal code

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    You won’t need to carry a key, worry if you have it or if i’ts been stolen. The ENTR® Touchpad Reader supports up to 20 different codes that can be easily programmed.

    • Affordable, convenient keyless entry
    • Supports 20 unique codes
    • Easy to install
    • Battery operated with status indication
  • Remote Control

    Access with a press of a button

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    ENTR® Remote Control will have you inside, safe and secure, with one press of a button.

    •  Remote operation
    • Up to 20 different remote controls
    • Easily added or disabled
  • Wire-Free Charger

    Keep your ENTR® powered-up

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    ENTR® was designed with the environment in mind. It’s sustainable, rechargable batteries powers up the system in just 4 hours.

    • Ideal for doors without a nearby power source
    • ENTR® keeps working as your batteries are charging